CMX-TC-60 Tilly’s Topless K.O.

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CMX-TC-60 Tilly’s Topless K.O.  Tilly is a sexy sultry woman who is perfect for dominating her opponents. In this topless mixed battle she punishes chadam with seductive facesits and smothering. Her facesits are sexy, and somewhat flirty and playful. Chadam puts up somewhat of a struggle to break free, but Tilly wants to keep him trapped and subdued beneath her. She randomly switches from forward to reverse ass smothering throughout the clip. Each facesit brings chadam closer to the brink of going out, as his gasps get louder and heavier as the match progresses. You can clearly see the pleasure all over her face as she plants her crotch or ass onto his face, chadam squirming beneath her. By the end of the clip, chadam is exhausted from massive air deprivation, and can no longer take it and ends up going straight into dreamland. What a way to go for him, as Tilly sits triumphantly on his face flexing her muscles.



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