CPL-CG-71 Cheerleader vs Country Girl

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CPL-CG-71 Cheerleader vs Country Girl  This clip pits the captain of the cheerleader squad, Paige taking on rough and rugged country girl, Arianne. They both go to the same school, and their rivalry has finally toppled over onto the mats. Arianne was dressed in her skin tight denim overall’s and cowgirl boots, while Paige had her cheer uniform on. As they kneel to begin, Paige and Arianne rush one another and hit the mats hard fighting for the upper hand. After a brief struggle Paige mounts Arianne and pins her. While Arianne bucked and squirmed, Paige keeps her balance riding Arianne’s chest and neck, then jumps directly into a smothering facesit. Hoping that Arianne won’t escape Paige holds the face sit giving little breaths as Arianne tapped.

Paige rolls to her side trapping Arianne in a head scissor now applying immense pressure. Paige flips around in reverse, choking Arianne in a north south pin, then locks her head between her massive thighs securing a tight figure four scissor. Paige switches between head scissors and reverse face sits, draining Arianne. Paige makes one small error and Arianne now breaks free, jumping on top of Paige. Arianne returns the favor and gets Paige into head scissors, and loads of face sitting. You can see Paige’s nose crushed into Arianne’s denim clad crotch, buried deep in there, smothering her senseless. Arianne also uses her perfectly round supple tits to breast smother Paige. Wearing down quickly, Paige was at the mercy of this pretty country girl. With various neck and head crushing scissors, Paige ran out of steam, and had the fight smothered and squeezed out of her. Arianne sat in full weight, pinning Paige’s arms under her boots and rammed her ass and crotch down hard into her face. Arianne was not about to let up on the domination and full weight face sitting until Paige verbally admitted defeat, saying country girls are better. What a humiliating loss for the captain of the cheer squad.

cplpicsets CPL-CG-71 Cheerleader vs Country Girl

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