SAV-052 Tilly’s Facesitting Revenge

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Tilly lost her last match to Cynara in SCS-089. Now with a bit more training under her belt and a real desire to beat Cynara she was ready to take on the amazon once again. Tilly was trained on how to apply the schoolgirl pin and facesit with force and how to ride her opponent’s face. Cynara had no clue that Tilly was trained even more than their last match. When they began Cynara was caught off guard, and found it hard to take Tilly down. Instead Cynara found herself on the receiving end of being tossed to the mats, Tilly working her way up onto Cynara’s chest, then neck. As Cynara struggles to break free, Tilly spreads her legs further apart, knees planted into the mats, crotch firmly on Cynara’s throat. From this moment on, Cynara struggles to try and dismount Tilly, but from her training she easily rode the chest and face of her bigger opponent now. This continues on for quite some time, Cynara getting quite frustrated unable to escape. Having all this wrestling experience is now going right out the window with Tilly holding her own. Multiple times Tilly facesits Cynara gaining many tap outs and submissions winding her bigger adversary. There were a few times we thought Cynara was going to escape but Tilly hung on riding, grinding smothering and pinning Cynara. Tilly’s facesits were near perfect as her pussy was driven down hard onto the nose and mouth of Cynara making it impossible for her to capture any air. The facesitting was brutal, one after another, Cynara getting a sneak peak of Tilly’s pussy as it grinds down burying her face. Cynara was frustrated, annoyed, and most of all completely humiliated finding escape was impossible now. Tilly’s ego was boosted nearly 10 fold now, smirking down and joyfully playing in her hair, watching Cynara struggle beneath her. Having kept Cynara pinned the entire time, playtime was over for Tilly and she asked Cynara to quit. Obviously upset, Cynara refuses as Tilly says “air is overrated” and sits on her face yet again adding to her further humiliation. Cynara was so winded she could barely say she quits, but admitted her defeat, knowing all to well revenge was most likely set on her mind now. for fans of one sided facesitting domination this clip is your number one choice…

cplpicsets SAV-052 Tilly's Facesitting Revenge


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