CMX-SSW-22 Tough Mixed Battle

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Paige has her hands full today in this all out mixed clip. chadam was on point and fought back harder against her. He was tired of losing to this powerhouse. Chadam was able to trap Paige in a variety of excruciating holds, some that actually make Paige tap out from. Anger started to boil over with Paige as she was getting more and more frustrated as the clip carries on. She begins to pummel him with facesits, scissors and more. Chadam wasn’t having that and fights back. At one point he gets Paige down and pins her arms across her own throat and mouth, choking her. Both competitors were becoming exhausted, but one pushes through the tiredness and begins to overtake the match.  Paige musters up her inner strength and catches chadam off guard. she locks her thighs around his head and squeezes with 110% power, as he winces and squeals, tapping out. She was not done there, as she facesits him until he’s practically breathless. Paige was mashing him up on the mats, and once she got her last tap, she literally goes to kick and push him away from him, angered, but victorious.


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