KOA-089 Lights Out, Tough Girl

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Ariel and Paige get involved in an emotional yet heated battle in this clip. Paige is built and tough, Ariel is sweet and innocent looking, yet feisty. Paige was ready to launch a full blown attack on Ariel. As they begin, that’s exactly what happened. Paige uses her superior leg strength to break down and force Ariel to weaken. Staring down into her opponents eyes, Paige traps Ariel in a seated scissor choke, watching her search for an escape. Ariel is now feeling the pressure and pain being trapped in various scissor holds that Paige is applying. From forward scissors, to fig fours, switching to reverse, and reverse fig fours, Ariel is now turning a deep shade of purple. Paige puts Ariel through the ringer, depriving Ariel of breath, face sitting her almost non stop. The pain doesn’t stop there, Paige applies an armbar, then an armbar scissor combo, making Ariel shriek in pain.

Ariel was getting upset being trapped for so long in all these devastating holds, she was losing her temper. Ariel was stuck in a forward fig four scissor, and her anger blew over into sheer power and strength. Wanting serious payback, Paige was switching to another move, and Ariel pounced on the opportunity to escape. Tossing Paige off of her, she literally grabs a full of hair, yanks Paige to her feet, then viciously slams her into the wall. Now making sure she has the right footing, Ariel grabs Paige’s arms, and practically does a karate kick right into Paige’s throat. Now pinned against the wall, Paige was at the mercy of Ariel, as she pressed her foot tightly across Paige’s throat. With Paige tapping constantly, Ariel ignores it until Paige literally slides down the wall, her legs buckling beneath her, as she is sent out, collapsing to the mats. Ariel stands beside her sleeping opponent, flexing and enjoying her victory.

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