CMX-JF-07 3 Asses,1 Face Farting Frenzy

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CMX-JF-07 3 Asses,1 Face Farting Frenzy  Chris was on the brunt end of this clip again going against 3 girls. What they had in store for him was brutal. We told him he was going to be doing an easy match. Little did he know we were all just getting him to agree to doing a match. He had no clue that Bella, Mia, and BBW Pam were all waiting to pounce on him and start their tyrant farting. Mia and Chris start off first, Mia was a bit upset that Chris was talking smack about her, then she gets him to the mats. He continues to talk down to her, then Mia calls in her reinforcements to help out. Pam and Bella come out and each hold one of his arms down. Now the real fun begins, Mia turns in reverse, sticks her ass into Chris’s face, and lets one rip.

Chris was totally caught off guard, and tries to escape. With all three girls pinning him down he has no where to go, nor can he escape his fate. As Mia works up more farts, Pam and Bella grab his head hold it and ram it into Mia’s ass for maximum effect. The girls now all take turns pinning Chris, and letting some nasty farts go into his mouth and nose. Sometimes the farts were so smelly, even the girls were coughing. Pam does a full weight reverse facesit, Chris’s nose is jammed right in her asshole, and you can hear him as he is literally disgusted that all 3 girls would do this to him. At the end, all three girls hover their asses above his face, and they all begin farting on him. This created a very nasty aroma that filled the air, and also his lungs, for some time to come. Amazing 3 on one farting session, Chris certainly did not enjoy this, but true farting fans will absolutely love it.

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