CPL-ST-99 Stripped and Gagged

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CPL-ST-99 Stripped and Gagged

Mia and Tatiana rip into each other in this fast paced match. They resort to using head scissors, face sitting and even hair pulling. Both are very tough girls but one girl gets broken down bit by bit. Mia scores some good points using breast smothers, and forward and reverse facesits making sure to sit hard on Tatiana’s face. Tatiana returns the favor, but this time rips off Mia’s thong and shoves it into her mouth. She also tries to tie Mia’s hands up but Mia broke free.

Tatiana was quite a force to reckon with, and ultimately made Mia suffer the consequences. With loads of smothering, Tatiana rips off Mia’s bra and also shoves that in her mouth, sits on her face, and uses hand over mouth smothering. By the end there was a clear and decisive winner who posed and flexed sitting triumphantly on her beaten foe. You could literally feel the sexual tension in the air with this match.

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  1. As much as I love this match I’m DESPERATELY waiting for the Mia vs. Tatiana strip fight to finally be posted here (the match Tatiana has the Black/white lingerie)! That is one of my all time favorite catfights and hands down the best catfight match CPL has ever produced!

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