CPL-PSA-72 Drowning In Pussy

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-PSA-72 Drowning In Pussy  Bella has a bit of an ego now after defeating Mia in a few other matches. Well Mia was not going to sit back and get beat again, and was ready to dish out some serious humiliation to […]

CPL-NUK-557 Bare Pussy KO’s.

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-NUK-557 Bare Pussy KO’s.  Here is the anticipated video now available with Melody and Mia. The match takes place in a more secluded intimate setting, of course the bedroom. Both girls are heavily into each other, and Melody was feeling more than […]

CPL-BSV-009 Sexual Overload

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-BSV-009 Sexual Overload  Mia and Feebee meet on the mats to settle their differences. The match starts off with both of them dressed, and as the match progresses, each lose their clothing until they are both naked. Mia becomes quite dominating over […]

KOA-0132 Rosalei’s New Bound Bitch

Mia has a certain love for being obnoxious to her opponents, just to drive her fulfillment of sado masochistic tendencies. She certainly picked the right opponent in this clip as she goes against the tough and sexy Rosalei. They face off and lunge at each […]

CPL-DD-69 – 3 Way Facesit Challenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-DD-69 – 3 Way Facesit Challenge- This is an interesting elimination style match featuring Mia, Jessie and Melody. First facing off was Jessie and Melody. The first girl to tap out in a facesit pin only was eliminated. Then Mia jumps in […]


ACTIVE: NO Height:  5’9 Weight:  135 lbs Wrestling skills:  mixed, fem fem, erotic, catfight, beatdowns, semi-competitive, competitive, pincount, pin submission Favorite moves: facesitting, chokes  

SAV-044-Cries Of Pain

We had a new girl come try out here, her name is Cathy, who stood a mere 5’4, weighing in at 115lbs and only 19yrs old. She didn’t want to do any training what so ever, and we found that rather odd. So before the […]

CPL-QB-77 The Black BBW Boss

Nevina is an exotic black BBW and she is going to take on Mia. The last match they had Nevina completely humiliated Mia, and she plans on doing it again. Mia was more prepared this time as she was harder to take down. Nevina quickly […]