Bella and Maxxi meet up again for yet another match. This time Maxxi wanted to take things to a whole new level. She is very sexually aroused when she wrestles with Bella, and loves to dominate and humiliate her. Maxxi wasted no time in taking Bella down to the mats to get ready to work her over in a very sadistically mean way. As Bella hits the mats, Maxxi jumps on top of her and moves right into a facesit. She slightly gyrates on her face, saying “your my bitch today” as Bella taps Maxxi ignores them. She falls to the side, trapping Bella’s head between her thighs and squeezes. Bella winces in pain, then Maxxi bitch slaps her in the face, saying “awww, did that hurt” continues to squeeze, and open hand slaps her face again. Maxxi tighten’s the grip as she pulls Bella’s head up tight into her thighs using her hair as leverage. Maxxi moves herself into a reverse headscissor locking Bella’s head and face tight to her ass and shakes in in her face, while squeezing. Maxxi looks back at Bella as she cranks on the headscissor, getting turned on by inflicting pain. Using her leg and back power, Maxxi arches up while she is scissoring, and grabs Bella’s thong and wedgies her. Keeping the hold on, Maxxi rolls to the side, and slaps Bella’s ass hard, Bella’s face was becoming rather red from the headscissor, Maxxi now turns her focus onto Bella’s ass, as she slaps it hard, grabbing and shaking it, making Bella yelp out in pain with each slap. Maxxi catches Bella way off guard as she leans down and bites Bella HARD on top of her leg, leaving teeth imprints, then spits on her. Maxxi reaches back and tries to ram her fingers down Bella’s throat now, but Bella does all that she can to keep her mouth closed. So Maxxi goes right back and squeezes her head even tighter and harder as punishment. After more reverse headscissors, Maxxi sits up in a reverse facesit, and viciously slaps Bella’s tits. Bella’s moans and cries are muffled in Maxxi’s ass now. Breaking Bella down and winding her, Maxxi rams her ass back down onto Bella’s face and gives her a front wedgie. As Bella cries out Maxxi says ” oh you don’t like that, cry” and pulls it up so hard, Bella was screaming in Maxxi’s ass. After releasing the facesit, Maxxi reaches back and was able to ram her fingers down Bella’s throat, gagging her. Bella almost puked, then Maxxi grabs her throat cokes her, and with the other hand administers another front wedgie. Bella was cringing in pain, as Maxxi gives her one last faceslap, then turns in forward laying on Bella. Maxxi uses her huge tits to smother and smash Bella’s face with. Maxxi then sat up putting her hand over Bella’s mouth saying “shhhh, no talking” as Bella became completely submissive. Maxxi uses one hand to smother Bella with, and the other she wrapped around her throat to choke her. Maxxi stared down at Bella the whole time saying ” I like watching you gasp for air” as she was getting even more turned out the more punishment she dished out. Maxxi switches up to a facesit, draining all the air from Bella’s lungs now as she squirms to breathe. Maxxi’s playtime was just about over and she moves back into a reverse facesit. she reaches down grabbing Bella’s nipples and twisting them. Bella yelps out, then Maxxi grabs Bella’s pussy and squeezes hard, burying her fingers making Bella scream out in sheer dire pain. You can clearly tell Maxxi was so turned on from being so sadistic as Bella filled the room with her screams of pain as Maxxi kept a tight grip on Bella’s pussy, Bella yelling please stop, just wanting the t0rture to end. Finally Maxxi stops, stands above Bella’s head leaning down and says ” you little bitch” and walks away leaving Bella holding her now battered and beaten private parts, all damaged from her sadistic model opponent. Who would have thought such a beautiful girl could be so mean. 



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