CPL-LFL-001 Copy Cat K.O

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Jolene was stretching waiting for her newest recruit to show up so she can train her for a foot ball league. Bella walks in, and sure enough she was dressed identical to Jolene. They had on the exact same outfit, different color. Well Jolene was not having that, and told Bella to go change. Bella simply refused, being all cocky about it, which upset Jolene. Jolene out of no where, gets behind Bella, and slaps on a tight rear naked choke. As Bella struggles, she slowly drops down to the floor, and before she knew it, she was out. when Bella came to, Jolene was crawling on top of her ready to pin her down. Putting her shins on her arms, now trapping them, Jolene unloads on her verbally, mad at Bella still for her outfit. To teach Bella a lesson she will never forget, Jolene begins to facesit her. There was zero escape for poor Bella as she suffers the wrath of Jolene’s intense facesitting. Jolene even ignored some of Bella’s taps throughout the clip making her suffer just a bit longer. The verbal bashing goes straight through the clip, Bella not only is punished physically, but mentally as well. Bella was then introduced to Jolene’s immensely strong thighs as she catches Bella between them. Wincing in pain, and her face turning beat red, Bella knew she had fucked up. With full weight reverse facesitting, more scissor punishment, Bella was drained and lacked any energy to defend herself or fight back. Jolene took advantage of this situation and dominated and humiliated Bella. Jolene’s anger, power and aggression made Bella almost fearful of her. Jolene was totally set now on making Bella permanently pay for her mistake, making sure next time she doesn’t copy her outfit. With a perfectly executed forward facesit, Jolene had Bella right where she wanted her, and Bella squirmed, tapped and struggled for air. Bella lay under Jolene’s crotch as her taps became weaker to the point she stopped moving. It was over for Bella, as her arm flopped onto the mats, as Jolene stands up over her beaten opponent looking down at her. Domination at it’s best.


cplpicsets CPL-LFL-001 Copy Cat K.O

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