KOA-0124 The Pain Inflictor K.O.’s

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If you take one look at Rosalei one would not think she is capable of inflicting pain, humiliating her opponents, or even all that strong. Looks can be deceiving as she displays nothing but ruthless tactics in this clip. Chadam is faced with a sexy fit blonde who is ready to show him no mercy. She grabs him in a headlock and with one swift motion, tosses him to the mats, holding the headlock and locking his arm between her legs. She squeezes all the while he taps out a few times unable to break free, she even covers his mouth and talks trash to him. Rosalei positions herself now in a grapevine, securing his legs, then she rams her huge D size tits into his face smothering him.

Chadam could find no way out of that breast smother as his face was locked between her perfectly round shaped tits. Rosalei continues to apply more holds and increases the pressure of all of them. Chadam was desperate to escape, and once she wrapped her legs around his neck that was excruciatingly painful as his veins popped out all over his beaten red face. His eyes looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets just from the sheer power of the scissor. She also applied loads of forward and reverse face sits constricting his airway and sealing of his breathing. Rosalei was determined to destroy him, and she even got him in a rear naked choke that almost had him out within mere seconds. His energy levels were practically at zero, as she applies hold after hold with little resistance from him. She made this all look too easy, yet her mean streak is one that has to be seen. Chadam lay pretty much lifeless now on the mats, Rosalei didn’t even want to see his face, so she turned in reverse, planted her ass right onto his mouth and nose, driving her weight down onto his face. Now she just sat and waited for him to stop moving ignoring any and all taps, until finally out he goes. Another cruel and dominating victory for Rosalei.

cplpicsets KOA-0124 The Pain Inflictor K.O.'s

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