CMX-BSF-002 Bella’s Sadistic Fantasies: Sunshine Edition

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Bella is back at it again, hiring more girls to bring the pain and humiliation to chadam. This time Bella hires Sunshine to inflict her much wanted sadistic desires that she can think up. Bella is ready with camera in hand, while Sunshine is on the mats waiting. Chadam comes into the room, and Bella commands him to lay down saying “get the fuck down bitch”. Chadam lays down and Bella tells Sunshine to pounce on him, then to sit on his face and smother him. Bella tells sunshine that if he taps for air not to get off and make him fight for it. As chadam fights for air, Bella made Sunshine slap his head repeatedly, all the while suffering beneath her. Already gasping, Chadam knew that Bella was planning on being extremely mean. Sunshine then turns into reverse, tucking her legs under his head, f0rcing his face deep into her ass now. Bella was getting right into it, watching chadam’s face turn purple, and gets Sunshine to do a reverse headscissor. Bella says there’s no releasing the hold looking down at chadam saying “can you handle this little one” and slaps him in the face. Bella then tells Sunshine to slap him while in the reverse headscissor, as she turns back, and lashes out a few really good loud face slaps. The more dominant Sunshine became the more turned on Bella was getting. Sunshine then sits up into a reverse facesit, Bella making sure to tell her to make him fight for air. After much needed breaths, chadam was becoming desperate. Bella then gets Sunshine to sit on his face in full weight reverse, while Bella directing her to shake and bounce her ass all over his face, as Bella calls it “make sure to face fuck him”. After suffering like that for a bit, Sunshine moves back into reverse, and Bella grabs his head shoving it into Sunshine’s ass while she twerks on his face. Chadam literally just became their little face fucking bitch, as Sunshine spins around in forward and and continues her face fucking ordeal. Bella then gets sunshine to sit back on him, and rub her pantyhose covered feet all over his face and smother him with them. Sunshine then digs both her feet into either side of his neck, choking him, while Bella looks down and says “look at this piece of ” Bella’s next command was hand over mouth, chadam’s cries muffled almost into silence. When chadam was tapping Bella made it very clear to not let him go until he was practically out, once he was able to breathe again the room filled with his loud gasps for air. Sunshine goes back to feet in the face, humiliating him with just her feet. Then Bella thinks of something truly nasty, as Sunshine schoolgirl pins him. Bella told Sunshine to summon up a mouthful of spit. As Sunshine does, she lets it pour out of her mouth all onto his face, Bella tells her to rub it all over his face now. She smears it all over, in his mouth, up his nose, in his eyes, everywhere possible. Bella tells her again to spit, but this time onto her hand, then slap him hard across the face. Hearing that slap echo, Chadam was being utterly humiliated and degraded by these two. Sunshine finishes it off with another hard slap and rubs the remainder of her spit is his face. Bella gets Sunshine to go back to facesitting, and this time really makes him suffer. She ignores most of his taps, and only lifts a tiny bit to give him a fraction of air. This facesitting onslaught lasts for quite some time, as Chadam can now barely move from sheer air deprivation exhaustion. Sunshine and Bella continue their verbal abuse towards him, as Sunshine stands up then does a belly splash onto him. Bella then says it’s time to do one last reverse headscissor on him. At this point in time Chadam was terrified of the outcome, and he had good reason. Sunshine squeezes his head full tilt, and Chadam was saying he quit, but Bella was not having that saying” your face wasn’t even purple, wow your pathetic, BEG ME TO STOP” Sunshine yells. Bella told Sunshine to keep squeezing until he was out, as chadam tried hard to say he quit, but Sunshine has his head locked perfectly between her legs. With very little struggle, watch his leg slightly twitch as he finally goes out. Sunshine releases her grip as his head hits the mats, they both walk away leaving him there. Once again this shows Bella’s true sadistic side. 

cplpicsets CMX-BSF-002 Bella's Sadistic Fantasies: Sunshine Edition

One thought on “CMX-BSF-002 Bella’s Sadistic Fantasies: Sunshine Edition”

  1. Watching sunshine dominate while under the direction of Bella was an amazing idea for a script. The two ladies interact perfectly with each other. Those legs of sunshine’s are enough to give one a heart attack 😉

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