Name: Feebee
Active: NO
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105
Wrestling Skills: fem fem, mixed, erotic, semi competitive, competitive, mixed beatdowns, pin submission, grappling
Favorite Moves: face sitting, head scissors, foot chokes, arm bars
Toughest Opponent: Cynara, Alayna. mercedes. Trina
Easiest Win: Mia, Sam, Mariella, Trina
Opponents she wanted to face: 
Win and Loss:

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10 thoughts on “Feebee”

  1. I’ve always wondered who would win in a match between Feebee vs Rosalei. They’re both almost the same size. I don’t think they ever faced each other tho. In my imagination it would be an epic battle – both are super hot

    1. I totally agree Ryan but I think that Rosalei would win a Facesitting Match against Feebee because i absolutely love what she did to Winter by grabbing a fistful of her hair by ramming her face into her crotch

      1. I have my doubts about Rosalei winning, even though I am a huge fan of Rosalei. Feebee in my opinion is stronger, and can last much longer in matches. Rosalei will have her work cut out for her. Rosalei is also not as skilled as Feebee.( from what I have seen). Both are definitely skilled at facesitting and head scissors.

    2. That would be something to see. Both girls have taken on bigger opponents, more Feebee than Rosalei. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but if the match ran a bit longer Feebee would probably win. Feebee has also used some interesting and painful looking holds in mixed matches and some in fem fem, and I think she would trap Rosalei in some pretty painful moves. Feebee has way more matches under her belt too. Both are excellent pinners, and Feebee seems to take great pride in her facesitting. It would be epic on any level, like ryan said the outcome would be amazing no matter who won. Personally, I am a huge fan of Rosalei but I have my doubts she could beat Feebee.

      1. I get that 100%. I’m a huge Rosalei fan and as much as I’d be pulling for her to do exactly what Nate described, I think Feebee would be a difficult challenge for her if I’m being honest. I like knowing that both girls would be capable of winning and both try their best. I think it would come down to who’d be able to maintain the most aggression without getting sloppy and ultimately who could overpower and outlast the other.

        I tend to agree with Jenny that in a longer match, Rosalei could get beaten, possibly even badly. I’ve seen too many slip away from her where she looks unbeatable for the majority of the match but ends up losing the upper hand towards the end. I think she gets too comfortable and it costs her. (It’s always a rush seeing her struggle tho so I’m not complaining).

        Against Feebee, I think any little mistake would be detrimental and If she became the least bit careless, I could see the match becoming one-sided with Feebee taking over and not letting up, keeping her in some painful and humiliating holds. You could make that case for either girl tho, both are so skilled in different ways. If both brought their A game, I think it would be a hard fought battle with the loser desperate for a rematch. I can imagine it becoming a rivalry matchup with many rematches & different outcomes. Fun to think about at least.

        1. I totally agree 100% Ryan but not only am I a Huge Rosalei Fan I’m also a Huge Alayna Fan too & I absolutely loved her match against Feebee Called “The Battle of The Blondes” because I absolutely loved Alayna’s Breastsmothers,Facesits,& Rearnaked Chokes on Feebee!

        2. Curious to know who Chadam thinks would come out on top as someone who has personally experienced the strength/styles of both girls?

          1. That’s going to be a tough one to decide. Are we talking about a full blown competitive match? Feebee’s strengths: 1. more aggressive than Rosalei. 2. Has very good endurance in longer matches. 3. Knows more holds 4. more versatile, outfits wise. Meaning wearing a thong or even going nude, could play a big advantage in Feebee’s facesitting tactics. 5. Has a strong superior schoolgirl pin and facesit.

            Rosalei’s strengths: 1. Very quick. 2. technical and methodical wrestler. 3. Very strong overall. 4. Powerful Headscissors. 5. Strong schoolgirl pin (as demonstrated with Paige).

            Weaknesses: Feebee: Headscissors. Rosalei: Facesits and bodyscissors.

            So, to sum it up, if either girl gets the other one pinned down it could be anyone’s match, unless Feebee punishes rosalei with non stop facesitting. If rosalei traps Feebee in any sort of headscissors, she could take the match. I would have liked to have matched them up, but sometimes the girls are not here at the same time, Feebee came a few years before Rosalei. Now if you are asking me to pick a winner, Rosalei with a very very slight edge. Some may agree or disagree, but that is ok, open for discussion. Hope that helps a bit.

  2. That’s definitely helpful analysis I was curious about. I knew you would probably have some good insight. I completely agree with the strengths and weaknesses as well as the conclusion giving Rosalei the slight edge in a competitive match. Really intriguing to imagine what would/could happen in a matchup like that. Both are so fascinating to watch! Thanks for the response!

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