CPL-NY-001 Trina’s Welcome Back Smother Attack

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Trina has been on hiatas for over 2 years and decided to return to the mats. Bella catches wind of this and wants to be her first match back. Bella was certainly feeling a bit intimidated as the size difference is rather large between these two. Trina seriously outweighs Bella by more than 50 lbs, and stands at least 4 inches taller as well. Bella has never backed down, and won’t now. Trina can see the determination in Bella’s face jsut before they begin, and Trina goes down easy for Bella. As they hit the mats Bella decides to test the limits on Trina’s thighs trapping her in a grapevine and listening to her yelp in pain. Bella then jumps up on top of Trina and smashes down on her in a facesit. She verbally taunts her bigger opponent as she is trapped beneath her, trying to wind her bigger opponent now. Bella places her leg under Trina’s neck and tightens the grip in a seated choke, watching Trina’s face turn really beat red. Trina basically has now become Bella’s little bitch and concedes to her smaller opponent beating on her now. Bella rolls into a headscissor squeezing the life out of Trina, as you can clearly see Trina now breaking a sweat. Bella flips into reverse using smothering figure four scissors, straight leg scisors and even trapping Trina in a seated figure four facesit. Trina was drained of her energy, as Bella torments her right to the bitter end. Locking Trina in a full blown facesit, she forces a submission from Trina and ignoring some of her taps that became desperate as she needed air. Bella continues her verbal humiliation still facesitting Trina even after she gives up, showing her bigger rival who is really in charge now. Excellent big vs small domination match.

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