PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-CPP-98 Trinas Dominant KO  The tough and talented BBW/Amazon Trina is back to cause mayhem on the mats. Her height and weight make her a near impossible opponent to defeat, and for chadam, its practically impossible.  Trina easily topples chadam over […]

CMX-CPP-98 Trinas Dominant KO

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ACTIVE: NO Height: 5’11 Weight: 185 lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, prostyle, grappling, semi competitive Favorite holds: headscissors, breast smothers, facesit  


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Anouk & Trina vs Chadam Here is a gallery of photos taken from an unreleased match with 18yr old Anouk, and Trina taking on chadam. Anouk is very new to the game but picks up quickly and learns from Trina. When it’s Anouk’s turn to […]

Anouk & Trina vs Chadam- Gallery

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