CMX-CPP-98 Trinas Dominant KO

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CMX-CPP-98 Trinas Dominant KO  The tough and talented BBW/Amazon Trina is back to cause mayhem on the mats. Her height and weight make her a near impossible opponent to defeat, and for chadam, its practically impossible.  Trina easily topples chadam over and with her weight easily keeps him pinned beneath her. she practically uses him on the mats as her little playtoy, as she smothers, and scissors him into a whimpering little pile of nothing. Trina LOVES to dominate and has so much fun doing so. Her bright vibrant smile gleams across her face as she smothers him. Her enormously huge quads engulf his head as she scissors him. Chadam unfortunately succumbs to his amazonian bbw predator and she facesits him into an exhausting KO. She sits back on his stomach, playfully slapping his face taunting and making fun of him while he is out.


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