CPL-BPY-45 Smothering K.O’s

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Bella and Jolene meet again for another outstanding match. both girls are dressed in tiny neon thongs, and Jolene goes topless to intimidate Bella, showing off her sculpted chiseled physique. As they get to their knees you can see that Jolene means business, and is ready to destroy Bella any way she can. Bella seems slightly nervous already as Jolene brings her hands up in a fighting stance. They lock up and Bella is able to push and move Jolene back a slight bit, Jolene now fighting a bit harder against her smaller opponent. Grabbing Bella around the neck with both hands with a firm grip, she is able to spin her around and whip her to the mats. Securing her down in a half cross body, Jolene swiftly brings her leg over Bella’s stomach, and locks on a grapevine pin. Jolene being much taller, has no problem making Bella wince and yelp out in pain as she spreads her legs apart. With Bella under her control, Jolene slides up in a tight schoolgirl pin, locks Bella’s head between her thighs and rolls to her side, gripping Bella’s head in a tight scissor. Bella’s face winces as she fights through the pain of Jolene’s powerful grip, only to tap out. Jolene did not stop there and smiled gracefully as she got a few more taps from Bella before releasing her and getting into a reverse headscissor now. Jolene squeezes over and over, bringing Bella’s face practically into her ass, making her tap out. Bella was quite drained from the headscissors as Jolene easily switches to sitting on Bella in forward now. Jolene goes right for the facesit, covering Bella’s face with her skantilly clad thong, burying her face in her crotch. Bella struggles but Jolene is secured perfectly on top, Bella yet again made to tap out. Jolene keeps staring down at Bella trapped in her crotch, watching her struggle and tap out over and over, until Jolene decided to put her out. Bella stops moving, and Jolene sits up waiting for Bella to come to. As she does, Bella looked dazed, and gets to her knees, but Jolene was not expecting what was to happen next. Bella used her looking groggy ploy to trick Jolene, and grabbed her without any notice and put Jolene straight down onto the mats. Bella controls Jolene now, saying “you can’t knock me out” as she puts Jolene into a headscissor now. Bella squeezes hard, closing off Jolene’s windpipe, making her wheeze and then tap from the pain. Bella stares with determination at Jolene now trapped in her headscissor, getting more taps from her, doing what she can to weaken her stronger opponent. Bella rolls up now in a seated choke, Jolene’s head locked in rather tight, making her tap out now. Bella switches to a facesit, showing Jolene what breath deprivation is like. Jolene is getting angry now, unable to seat her smaller foe, stuck in her facesits. Over and over Bella smothers Jolene, and figured it was payback time and stays on Jolene’s face until she goes out now. Jolene comes to and shoves Bella off her in a fit. Jolene gets in behind Bella and puts her in a rear naked choke, then turns that into a reverse headscissor. Jolene is clearly upset and squeezes Bella with no mercy, scoring many taps before changing to a reverse straight leg scissor. Bella is in real trouble being trapped in Jolene’s painfully strong scissors. She even uses a figure four for added pressure. Jolene sits straight up, driving Bella’s nose deep into her ass suffocating her with her tight ass now. Bella’s cries become muffled as she is notoriously smothered under Jolene. Jolene now increases the pressure and pain by switching to a full weight reverse facesit, pinning Bella’s arms under her feet. Sitting all her weight on Bella’s face now must be difficult for Bella and not being able to breathe with her face jammed in her ass and pussy. Bella wiggles and bucks to try and escape, but that failed for her. Jolene knew Bella was too weak to escape and turns back into forward. Making good use of facesitting, Jolene jumps right back on top of Bella’s face making her endure more smothering punishment. Bella taps uncontrollably unable to get any air, she fades away beneath Jolene. Stepping off Bella, Jolene grabs her arms, lifts each one and they both fall limp to the mats. Jolene looks down at Bella while flexing her arm muscles showing her dominance over the now beaten and battered Bella. 


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