BWW-021 Ultimate Fight To The Finish

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Here we have the gorgeous Bella and tough girl Paige squaring off in a brutal one-tap challenge for the ages. Bella is known to be tougher than she looks and Paige has taken her strength and beaten just about everyone on the roster. Both girls don’t play around, and you know you are getting a phenomenal, fully competitive full out war with these too. Even better for the match is knowing that each girl is very stubborn and wont tap unless they absolutely have no choice. Paige is wearing very flattering blue jeans over a sexy black one-piece swimsuit and lined up beside her is the gorgeous Bella in a “country girl” outfit. Short jean shorts and a red top. This is not the conventional wrestling gear for either lady, but it makes for some pretty sexy action. Both girls hair is up, but you know its not going to stay that way for long with these two going at it. As Chadam counts down and says go, Bella immediately puts the buff Paige on her back and goes for a grapevine, sticking her breasts in Paige’s face, but that didn’t seem to work. Seconds later she mounts Paige and sits up with a body scissors wrapped so tightly it catches Paige off guard and she falls on her back again. Not even 45 seconds into the match and Bella gets her first tap out from Paige. As they go at it again, this time Paige locks in a very tight headlock that has Bella on her knees, struggling to breathe. Just as quickly as she goes down one fall, she ties up the match as Bella taps the ground before she turns completely purple. Its go time, and Paige literally throws on the same move and falls on her back. Bella is in mount position but caught in the headlock. She breaks free and grabs the arm of Paige, falling backwards into a brutal arm bar as Paige howls in pain before tapping. Bella wasn’t done dominating and doesn’t let Paige tie it up right away this time. She overpowers Paige who is already huffing and puffing only three minutes into the match. Bella sits her jean clad crotch right under Paige’s chin and totally dominates Paige in school girl fashion, as Paige is caught between her thighs, desperate for air. What makes it worse is Bella grabs Paiges hair and slams her face into her crotch. Bella now locks in a devastating choke with her legs and has Paige tapping. The domination continues, even seeing a flip into a rear naked choke  by Bella. Over and over Bella has Paige at her mercy. She proudly sits on top and looks to humiliate Paige by counting to ten instead of getting a tap out. Paige looks up in despair as she can do nothing to get away from Bella’s thighs and crotch.  This is Paige like we have never seen her, completely getting her ass handed to her by the sultry and feisty Bella. But knowing Paige, you know she wouldn’t be completely dominated the whole time and manages to get Bella into some compromising holds and scissors of her own. Paige even nearly squeezes the life out of Bella at one point.  Each time one girl taps you can tell how disappointed they are to do so. But one thing that is evident is the tenacity of Bella and her love of face sitting Paige, as Bella continues to use that as her go to maneuver. Midway through the match Paige gets a tap from a breast smother, as Bella had no choice. Bella engineers  a couple of interesting moves in this match, executing a half matchbook/ facesit pin that has Paige twisted like a pretzel. This one tap wrestling match slowly but surely turns into more of a catfight as the hair comes down and the girls get more brutal. There is even a camel clutch like choke on Paige right before a brutal face sitting session from Bella that gets a tap and a whimper after the count of one. The women are trying so hard you can hear them grunt in anger and in pain. As both girls are out of breath, the submissions keep coming. Bella locks in a scissor and then another facesit that has Paige helpless and eliminates almost all the fight right out of her. But with a desperation heave, Paige slips out from underneath and mounts Bella. It took damn near the whole match, but she finally returns all of Bella’s facesits and digs Bellas nose in deep by pulling her hair and face in tight. Bella whines and cries out in pain but Paige doesn’t budge. Finally she has no choice but to surrender the fall and give Paige her first facesit tapout. Paige finds a second wind towards the end of the video and her aggressiveness level shoots way up. But she may have put all her energy into her facesit on Bella, because Bella quickly returns the favor and reverses into a reverse figure four head scissor. Bellas tight ass looks even better as Paiges face is deep in it, prying for release, and finally breaks free returning the favor and reverse facesitting Bella. As Bellas whines, she pulls Bellas face in deeper before getting a tap out. Chadam then announces to the ladies that it is the last fall. Both girls desperately want it but only one girl really had a chance to get it. As the last tap leaves one girl breathless and nearly in tears, she reluctantly taps and concedes the final fall in a brutal bodyscissor. Did Paige continue her hot streak near the end? Or did Bella show Paige who was boss once and for all. You will have to keep track yourself to see who takes home the victory!



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