CPL-KGL-74 The Grudge

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CPL-KGL-74 The Grudge  Kiera and Bella are both forces to be reckoned with. Put these 2 alpha females together and what do you get? An all out grudge match with each girl wanting to be the winner. They literally stop at nothing to make the other tap, and things get really heated. What also adds to the element of the match, they both do not like each other, on or off the mats.

Bella tries to take Kiera down at the start, but she struggles against her bigger, heavier opponent. Kiera manages to reverse the role now but can’t quite control Bella. Now Kiera finds herself in a painful body scissor that she has to tap from. So once a person taps, they agreed to restart to make it fair. This was a match of strategy, with good body scissor submissions.

Kiera was not going to let Bella take the lead on this one, as she clamps on quite a few rear naked chokes on Bella getting a tap with each one. Bella comes back with a literal breath depriving facesit that has Kiera gasping for air. They are both strained, and pushed to their limits until the very end. Bella was trying to get on a body scissor, but Kiera uses her knee with all her weight and jams it into Bella’s pussy preventing her from getting it locked on. Kiera then secures Bella down, and for the final tap she uses a double handed carotid artery chokehold. Kiera digs her fingers in deep trying to KO Bella with it. Just before Bella is put out, she barely gets in her final tap, with Kiera releasing it.

Watch the expressions on their faces, you can see the hatred in both their eyes towards each other, making this match a truly exciting one to watch.

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