CMX-ZC-32 Zoes 3 Tap Match Attack

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CMX-ZC-32 Zoes 3 Tap Match Attack  In this 3 tap match Zoe makes good use of various moves to break chadam down. Don’t let her petite frame fool you, Zoe is very strong and has pretty powerful thighs. Zoe is a fan of using the facesit, and she uses it frequently to make chadam tap out repeatedly. With each 3 taps that Zoe scores, it winds chadam more and more.

Zoe has more tricks up her sleeve to punish chadam, as she uses forward and reverse headscissors. You can see the power in her legs as his face turns extremely red with each squeeze she dishes out. Chadam literally stood no chance of surviving this match with Zoe, and lost. Zoe certainly enjoyed every minute of putting the hurt on him, and smothering him taking his breath away.

One thought on “CMX-ZC-32 Zoes 3 Tap Match Attack”

  1. Do you have any matches with Zoe and Aubrey? I have not seen any yet on the site, if you do could you possibly release one? That would be sexy as hell to see those 2 go at it. In my opinion I think Zoe would destroy Aubrey mostly with her scissors and pins alone. Aubrey is strong, but Zoe would beat her. A hardcore match till the person quits, or until Zoe KO’s Aubrey with an inescapable facesit. Epic. thanks

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