CMX-CPG-04 Caught and Smothered

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CMX-CPG-04 Caught and Smothered  Looks like chadam was trying to peep a look at raven changing and was trying to secretly film her on his cell phone. Shocked, she grabbed him, yelling and shoving him into the bedroom onto the bed. Raven was furious and was accusing him of trying to film her for spank bank material. She was about to teach him a lesson once and for all. Raven was relentless with forward and reverse facesitting belittling him and making sure he was short on breath. She also tied his hands together, and called Bella into the room. She told him to film her beating him up and smothering him, as he begged not to be filmed. Raven ignored his pleas and actually got off on his face multiple times seizing the opportunity to sexually gratify herself in the process. No amount of begging was stopping her from teaching this pervert a lesson. Raven decided to KO him and leave him there out on the bed, while her and Bella walked out of the room.


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