CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado  Chadam faces a mean and tough opponent in this clip. Introducing Sara Lips, a fit muscular powerhouse woman. Sara certainly has no remorse for inflicting the utmost pain and humiliation on chadam. Certainly chadam was not […]


ACTIVE: YES Height: 5’5 Weight: 120 lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, semi competitive, pin submission, grappling Favorite moves: headscissors, chokes  

SAV-039 Pleasureful K.O.

Sara and Mariella are introduced into this clip today both dressed in bitty bikini bottoms and bootie shorts. Sara has a hidden fetish for dominating Mariella and she hopes to be in control this match. They size one another up before they begin and they […]

CMX-SV-0093 Scissored and K.O’d In Heels

Sadistic Sara is a very non forgiving kind of girl. She is mean, loves humiliating, and stops at nothing to defeat you. When Sara and chadam were ready to square off, they were playfully slappin each other, but then things started getting serious. Sara wanted […]

CPL-SS-761 Tell Me You Like Dirty Pussy

Sam and Sara are back at it once again. Sara is very dominant and enjoys nothing more than riding Sam’s face, making her suffer beneath her. Sam really did not want to be trapped under Sara, but it seemed as though her efforts were just […]