CMX-AWP-3 The Birthday Smother

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CMX-AWP-3 The Birthday Smother  Ashley Wildcat was really depressed about her birthday and how it turned out. Well Sam decided to cheer her up and give her the best gift of all. Sam had a nice little victim tied up under the bed sheets for her. Sam told her to look under the sheets, and as Ashley pulled them back, Sam said “here you go a victim to do whatever you want to him”. Well Ashley was jumping for joy now as she jumps on to the bed, and begins to play with her new birthday gift.  she starts out by facesitting him non stop, knowing he was tied up he could do nothing nor escape. Ashley was having an absolute blast smothering the hell out of him. She does forward and reverse facesits cross legged facesits, and loads more, while smiling and thanking Sam for her best birthday gift ever!!!

cplpicsets CMX-AWP-3 The Birthday Smother

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