SAV-055 Sunshine’s Squeeze, and Smothered Victory K.O.

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Sunshine is a very deceiving wrestler. With a small petite frame, no one would suspect her of possessing the sheer strength and power that she does. In this clip with chadam she has no problems maneuvering herself around on the mats and quickly moving from hold to hold.  Sunshine starts off fast with her take down, getting chadam into a headscissor, drawing a very rapid tap right away. Holding that scissor, Sunshine has an evil yet cunning grin on her face, enjoying chadam’s pain as he struggles to break free. She taunts him calling him a wimp as she said she was barely squeezing. Now turning purple, chadam had no choice but to tap. Rolling him onto his back, she breaks the hold and sits directly on his face in a full weight facesit. With a few more facesits to wind him a bit, Sunshine flips around in reverse. Locking his arms with her shins, she delivers more ass in the face smothering now, then reverts to a headscissor. As she rolls to her side, she asked him can you get out, you even trying? Chadam got a little too cocky with his answer, that just made Sunshine crank the scissor on hard enough to make him tap again. She continues to literally just toy with him, facesitting in reverse, shaking her ass in his face, and poured on the pressure in a series of neck crushing scissors. You can see in some of the scissors chadam was almost out, doing what he could just to stay awake.  Sunshine was taking great pride in humiliating chadam, beating his face up constantly with breath depriving forward and reverse facesits.  Her verbal taunts were superb, and she even uses a much different style of smothering. As she dismounts chadam she was laying on her side, and she grabs his head and forces it into her ass, rubbing it in. Chadam was certainly feeling the pain with what seemed to be an endless amounts of headscissors, and loads of oxygen depriving facesits. Sunshine applies a mean and vicious trachea scissor, with all the pressure on his throat. Sunshine’s play time was coming to an end as she sits on his face again. Chadam struggles beneath her to get air, but as he taps, Sunshine ignores them. Chadam’s fight now to get air becomes intense, knowing she isn’t getting off, but it’s too late for him. Chadam goes limp, and Sunshine STILL sits on his face, laughing and posing as she claims total victory.

cplpicsets SAV-055 Sunshine's Squeeze, and Smothered Victory K.O.

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