CMX-AB-004 Leather Smother Vixen

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Rosalei was dressed for sheer domination today. She has on her super tight leather outfit, and black tall knee high boots. Inflicting pain and humiliation was just what she was looking to do in this clip. Chadam was not physically, nor mentally prepared for what Rosalei was about to dish out. Rosalei starts off by instantly locking chadam in a standing headscissor right from the start. Once she wraps those defined neck crushers around his head, it’s quick taps. She stands with her hands on her hips and chadam moans in pain with each squeeze. She releases the scissor and knees him in the head, sending him flying backwards onto the mats. Pinning him down, she drapes her boot covered shin across his throat, choking him, while she steps on his other arm pinning it with the heel of her boot. Rosalei verbally trashes him while she rams her shin down deeper into his throat. Switching to a full weight sumo squat Rosalei digs in with the facesitting now. You can tell he is taking sadistic pleasure in making chadam suffer. More throat chokes, facesits and a wickedly painful grapevine pin has chadam wincing in pain. Rosalei decides it is time to really pour on the pain, and gets him into a headscissor. Her face showed absolute craziness, as she squeezes, thinking about her next move, all the while enjoying watching him squirm between her vice like grip around his neck. Chadam has now had most of his energy squeezed and smothered out of him, making putting up a fight weaker and weaker. Rosalei stood up, sat chadam up onto his butt, and got him into an inverted standing headscissor, looking like she was going to snap his neck, as he yelps in pain. Rosalei then falls forward with his head still trapped, and almost does what looks like push up style scissors. Holding herself up, while his head was being squeezed. She continues to humiliate him with headscissors, listening to him scream, watching his face turn different colors. Rosalei plows him back down to the mats, and secures on a tight reverse facesit, burying his face in her tight leather covered ass. She re positions herself in forward again,  slamming down onto his face with her crotch, sealing his air and will to breathe. From full weight facesitting, to a few more across the throat shin chokes, chadam is wiped out. Rosalei wanted to completely finish him off and used a full weight facesit, holding his head in her pussy as she says” your much better quiet” as chadam struggles for air. With no power in him, chadam ends up actually going out. Rosalei moves back sitting on his chest, looking down to make sure he was actually out, she flexes. Then Rosalei stands up placing her boot on his chest, for her last final victory pose.


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