CPL-STS-022 Saras Spandex Survival

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 11 Minutes
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Chadam is lounging around being lazy as usual. When Sara steps into the room she decides to give him and earful, and an ultimatum, either he taps out once, or he gets KO’d. A bit of an argument ensues before Sara has had enough of chadam’s mouth and leaps onto him. Sara wasted no time in wanting to destroy him jumping on his face in a facesit. Chadam has no choice but to fight hard, because if he taps it’s all over, or he if chooses not to tap, well it’s nap time. Sara does everything she can to make sure chadam’s face stays squarely buried in her crotch. Chadam fights hard to try and turn his head for air or fight with his arms to push her off. Sara trash talks him while she smothers him, staring down intently waiting for chadam to either tap out or take a nap. He stayed under her for quite a long time holding every last ounce of breath he could. Sara kept full control of his arms holding them tight, squeezing her thighs tightly around his face as its buried in her crotch. After near non stop smothering chadam finally taps not wanting to get put out. Sara proudly sits back full weight on his chest looking down at him and says” had enough?, you don’t want to fight with me bitch”. then she ends it with a face slap saying” next time don’t be so lazy”. Sara looks stunning in her skin tight spandex, destroying chadam with non stop facesits right until the bitter end.



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