Tori is a very fit, shapely and extremely strong girl. She steps out onto the mats today wearing her near painted on bright jeans ready to destroy yet another victim in her way. She was also wearing a white sports bra which accented her perfect […]

KOA-0128 Tori’s Total Ass K.O

Mixed Wrestling  /  
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ACTIVE: NO Height: 5’5 Weight: 138 lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, prostyle, grappling, semi competitive, fantasy Favorite holds: scissors, pins, rear naked choke  


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Tori is a superb and beautiful athlete. She is dressed in her gold tight spandex and is ready to K.O. chadam with her superior thigh muscles. Tori is well trained on the mats and has no problem breaking chadam down easily. Right off the start […]

KOA-063 Lethal Legs K.O. session

Mixed Wrestling  /  
Wrestlers: ,

Tori and Feebee both team up and are out to seek punishment and to inflict severe pain on a victim. They found one. Chadam. Both girls are dressed in their skin tight leather outfits and leather boots. Basically they are ready to dish out pain. […]

KOA-067 Dual Assassin K.O.

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Tori is an extremely tough and well rounded fighter. When she takes anyone on, she cranks up the pressure, and leaves her victims practically lifeless when she’s done. Mia falls victim to challenging her, and she is rather nervous. As they kneel face to face, […]

CPL-T0-767 Tori’s Trap and Assault

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