KOA-0132 Rosalei’s New Bound Bitch

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Mia has a certain love for being obnoxious to her opponents, just to drive her fulfillment of sado masochistic tendencies. She certainly picked the right opponent in this clip as she goes against the tough and sexy Rosalei. They face off and lunge at each other, with Rosalei securing on a headlock, then swiftly bringing Mia to the mats.  Without any hesitation, she quickly slides her way up Mia onto her breasts, then directly onto her face. Now giving Mia just a slight taste of a facesit, she struggles then taps, as all of that happened Rosalei goes straight into a headscissor. Preparing to pour on the pressure, Rosalei’s scissors are lethal, painful and can inflict alot of damage. Mia squints and struggles in dire pain as Rosalei locks those powerful thighs perfectly around Mia’s neck. She switches it up using straight leg scissors, knotted, and seated scissors. From there Rosalei flips into a reverse schoolgirl pin/throat choke, turned facesit. She was doing what she could to deprive Mia of air.

Mia continues to struggle, moan and wimper in pain, then Rosalei catches her in a reverse straight leg scissor that had Mia actually gasping for air. You can see Mia hang on each time not wanting to tap out, but she has no choice as the pain is just too much to handle. Rosalei manages to get on a rear naked choke/bodyscissor that leaves Mia squirming for release. Rosalei is powerful upper and lower body, proving that just with this hold alone. Rosalei now pummels Mai with loads of facesitting  and more headscissors. Mia can seem to take quite the thrashing, yet deep down inside she is enjoying every minute of being dominated by this hot blonde. Mia is then caught off guard as Rosalei drapes her shin across Mia’s throat, pressing down hard getting an instant tap. Rosalei falls back getting Mia into an armbar now. As Mia struggles to break free Rosalei switches it to a triangle choke, leaving escape near impossible for Mia. Mia even has the nerve to say “you think you would have learned this from the last hold” as Rosalei was somewhat struggling to get on a headscissor. That mad Rosalei upset and instantly clamps an insanely tight headscissor on Mia making her tap repeatedly fast, with Rosalei now showing no remorse.

Rosalei says ” didn’t you learn not to get stuck between my legs” as she snaps those headscissors on over and over inflicting maximum pain on Mia. These scissors were draining every last ounce of breath and energy from Mia now. Converting now a facesit Rosalei rams Mia’s face into her pussy grabbing the back of her head pulling her in hard. She now shows Mia her meaning of crazy as Mia taps she lifts a tiny bit then goes back down over and over, sending Mia into panic mode. Rosalei falls to her side, Mia’s head trapped between her thighs and squeezes. This time Rosalei doesn’t let go, Mia panics and before she knew it, she was out. Rosalei decided to finish off Mia with an added touch. Mia lays motion less on the mats and rosalei begins to hog tie her. Mia slowly comes to as Rosalei was tying her arms and hands up, totally confused as to what was even going on. Rosalei says “oh whats the matter, were you having a bad dream” and continues to tie her up. Mia struggles to get out of the ties now, and Rosalei completes the hog tie, and the banter between them was condescending to say the least. When Rosalei finished, she asks Mia, “how do you feel about tape?” Mai begs her not to use it, and Rosalei tears a strip of heavy duty duck tape off the roll, and says “this is payback for swearing at me, calling me a bitch” and puts it right across Mia’s mouth, shutting her up once and for all. Rosalei kneels beside her now bound and beaten victim, holding her by the ropes, showing the world her absolute dominance over another woman.

2 thoughts on “KOA-0132 Rosalei’s New Bound Bitch”

  1. Now I clearly see why Rosalei is my top 3 favorite. This video she never let’s up on Mia at all. She is very strong, and beating a girl who looks and weighs much more than her is quite the feat. I am not sure where she gets all of her power from, but Mia certainly suffered. Rosalei has some of the strongest leg scissors. I almost feel bad for Mia the look on her face when she was being squeezed, that was painful to even watch. The top right picture in the video you can see Rosalei is so calm, mean while Mia is fighting for her life. Such athleticism from rosalei with all of her different holds. Close to the end Mia finds herself getting her face sat on and Rosalei staying there until she gets knocked out!!! Stubborn much… Rosalei liked tying Mia up and shutting her up. I am glad she beat Mia, as i thought for sure the out come was going to favor Mia just from her size, but she lacks skill. Another victory for my girl Rosalei!!! (Yes I am fan girling)

    1. I totally agree Jenny & I absolutely love the way Rosalei Rams Mia’s Face into her Pussy & grabbing the back of her head & pulling her in hard!

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