CPL-BKV-74 Bella Dominates Kristy

Category:  Female Wrestling
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Published: 2019-10-01
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1x1-pixel CPL-BKV-74 Bella Dominates Kristy
1x1-pixel CPL-BKV-74 Bella Dominates Kristy
1x1-pixel CPL-BKV-74 Bella Dominates Kristy

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CPL-BKV-74 Bella Dominates Kristy  Watch as Kristy gets schooled by her much younger opponent. At first, Kristie was totally in control, dominating Bella with schoolgirl pins, and facesits. Bella was struggling to escape from beneath Kristie, but it was draining alot of her energy. The trash talk between them was getting them both worked up. Bella was tired of being on the bottom and did all that she could to unseat Kristie, which finally worked. Bella certainly wasted no time in securing and subduing her larger opponent pinning her with ease. Kristie fought hard under her younger opponent but could not make her way out. Now Kristie was put through loads of facesitting, and some really tight scissors until she finally had to quit the match, embarrassed losing to Bella.


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