KOA-032 Scissored To Sleep

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KOA-032 Scissored To Sleep  Mia stands up to Cynara and challenges her to scissor her with intensity holding nothing back. Cynara accepts and of course agrees to wanting to inflict pain upon Mia. As they start the match both fall over and Cynara wraps her beefy legs around Mia’s waist crushing her ribcage. It doesn’t take long before Mia is tapping from that, thinking in her mind if she is going to regret doing this match now. Cynara uses that body scissor to position herself better and get her legs around Mia neck now. As she clamps on, she straightens her legs out applying all her pressure around Mia’s throat now. Mia is now in pain very early into this match, with Cynara showing no signs of going lighter on her. From seated chokes, to reverse triangle chokes, Cynara is certainly working over Mia’s ability to withstand pain. Cynara keeps Mia trapped in her scissors, literally tossing her from one side to the other and even creating her own scissors using Mia’s legs to just lounge on as she squeezes Mia. Mia is stubborn and does not want to give in, but Cynara clamped on a super tight figure four, locks Mia’s chin under her calf muscle and pushes on the back of her head. Mia was tapping, but Cynara actually goes even harder on her as Mia slightly panics, then out she goes.

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