CPL-WM-RE-7 Raging Real Estate Agents

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Bella and Arianne are both high class real estate agents, dressed in business attire, skirts, pantyhose and blazers looking sexy as hell, and both are scheduled to do a showing, at the same time. The owner who is a slime ball, hired both girls knowing they would show up and get mad at each other, causing a big fight. Arianne was first to arrive and waiting for her client to show up, then out of no where, Bella walks in. Both looked stunned at one another, wondering why they were both there. They find out the owner hired each one, and since neither girl wanted to lose their commission on the sale of this $2 million home, a raging fight starts right there in the kitchen.

As they fight for control, Arianne snatches up Bella in a rear naked choke, locking the hold on tight reefing on her. Arianne drops Bella to the floor on all fours and traps her in a standing head scissor. Bella is now stuck, and tries to pry Arianne’s legs apart. The banter between them escalates and their cockiness kicks in. Arianne holds Bella in her standing scissor for a bit, making very easy work of torturing Bella between her thighs. Arianne goes down to the floor keeping the scissor locked on, trying to weaken Bella with her ultimate squeeze power. From straight legged to figure fours, Arianne was certainly winning this bout so far.

Bella and Arianne both know what is at stake here, and Arianne slipped up and Bella jumped at the opportunity to attack back now. Jumping on top, Bella pins Arianne down on the hard tile floor. Bella secures her legs around Arianne’s neck, and swiftly falls to her side catching Arianne in a scissor. the verbal taunting continues with them, Bella now sitting astride Arianne’s chest, her locked between Bella’s thighs in a seated scissor. Bella switches to a reverse straight leg scissor that has Arianne wincing in pain as she struggles to break out of the hold. It pays off, and both girls get back on their feet, literally chasing each other around the kitchen island. They lock up again, and they both go back down to the floor, this time Arianne on top. Arianne manages to get a grapevine breast smother on Bella, spread eagle and wiggling, she was trapped.

Seeing her chance now, Arianne mounts Bella in a schoolgirl pin, throat choke, pressing her crotch deep into Bella’s throat. Arianne decides to throw in one more scissor and quickly locks a side headscissor on, and pours on the pressure making sure Bella was not going to escape. Now seeing Bella was weak, Arianne goes back to the school girl pin, then straight for the facesit. Her pantyhose covered pussy now pressing down on Bella’s face, her nose buried deep in it. She gyrates and practically dances all over Bella’s face, rubbing her pussy all over it, and then goes for the full weight facesit.

Arianne knew she had this match all wrapped up, her confidence was high. With one last headscissor, Arianne squeezed Bella, released her head and grabbed her by the hair to make her stand up. Arianne drags Bella over to the counter, as she sits on top of it and manages to headscissor Bella with a fascinating scissor. As she site on the edge of the counter with Bella trapped in her thighs, out of no where, the owner of the house shows up. Little did the girls know, he was there the whole time watching the match unfold, getting his jollies watching them scrap it out for his house. He delivers the worst news to them, and he says he is now not selling the house. Arianne and Bella are stunned, then they both slap him, and walk away.

cplpicsets CPL-WM-RE-7 Raging Real Estate Agents

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