AF-CP-016 Mias Double The Trouble

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AF-CP-016 Mias Double The Trouble  Mia is in a whole world of trouble here as she is made to take on 2 girls at the same time. Things do not fair out so well for her as Janelle who is 5’8 140lbs, and firecracker Valerie who is 5’6 and 130lbs. Mia finds herself beneath these girls constantly, being smothered and facesat by both girls. they take turns cutting off Mia’s air supply using forward and reverse facesits. When they switched spots one girl would facesit while the other would sit directly behind, sometimes staring down at Mia’s face disappearing into the other girls pussy. Mia was easily over powered and stood zero chance of any success in this match, clearly she was out muscled

One thought on “AF-CP-016 Mias Double The Trouble”

  1. Janelle & Valerie have such amazing bodies & they look absolutely beautiful in those sexy outfits & i absolutely love the way Janelle & Valerie take turns cutting off Mia’s Air Supply With Front & Reverse Facesits on Mia!

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