CPL-CAC-45 Cheerleader Challenge

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CPL-CAC-45 Cheerleader Challenge  Looks like Bella is upset that Ashley’s cheerleading team came in first place. Well a scuffle ensued and the match began. Ashley rips Bella down and gets on top of her while they have a verbal argument. Ashley easily pins her smaller opponent down and delivers long and pressing facesits. With her facesits, she hurts Bella’s shoulder, but does not care. In fact, Ashley gets up off Bella and as she tried to slowly get up, Ashley pushes her back down and this time gets her into a reverse facesit. Ashley hooks Bella’s arms under her shins, then slaps her ass down onto her face smothering her. Ashley does not let up and gives Bella some long drawn out reverse facesits, along with trash talking. Then Ashley decides to sir full weight in reverse on Bella’s face and tells her to just take her ass, as she rubs and grinds down on her face. Ashley then grabs some ropes and ties Bella’s legs and feet loosely with the ropes. Then she leans back stretching out as far as she can adding immense pressure to Bella’s face while folding Bella in two backwards. Spinning in forward Ashley binds Bella’s hands together while facesitting her. Ashley teases and taunts Bella all the while dominating her with more forward and reverse facesits. Then Ashley gets up grabs her phone and wants to take a live stream video of Bella as she lay there bound and defeated. Bella tries to turn away but Ashley rams her foot down into Bella’s throat and holds her there to capture the moment with her phone.


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  1. Do you have any films of two ladies a blonde and a brunette, big tits, like in an “office catfight” ht with nylons, skirts or dresses, knee length preferred, in slips or in petticoats pulling their hair and wrestling them on the mat and one sits on top of the other one, beating her head on the mat while the pinned one kicks her legs and shows her undies? I am a cat fight fan Let me know what you have close to this and how I can watch it, Thanks

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