BWW-032 She Who Quits, Loses

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BWW-032 She Who Quits, Loses  Bella and Sunshine are preparing for one of their toughest matches yet. This is an I quit style match, the title, aptly named. Sunshine needs to put all of her skills to the test as Bella is stubborn as a mule and is hard to make quit. Sunshine has a lot of stamina and is ready.  From the start, Sunshine took control of Bella, keeping her pinned in a grapevine headlock as they crashed to the mats. for the first couple of minutes Sunshine tries her best to keep Bella contained, but Bella slowly rolled out on top. Quickly thinking Sunshine locks on a guillotine hold, in hopes of staying in control.

But Bella slowly works her way free from the hold, and they scramble for position.  After both girls fight for the upper hand, Bella gets on top of Sunshine sitting on her stomach. Sunshine wraps her arms around Bella’s waist to keep her from being able to climb higher on her. Sunshine flips Bella over and escapes, applying a reverse headlock. their bodies were intertwined together as Bella tries desperately to break free from Sunshine’s nasty headlock. Sunshine holds on tight but is losing her grip, and in a blink of an eye, Bella now has Sunshine trapped in a guillotine. They roll around vying for position and in the melee of things, Bella wraps Sunshine up in a bodyscissor rear naked choke and squeezes. Sunshine was stubborn and not wanting to tap at all, as Bella slowly loses her strength and Sunshine wiggles and fights her way out. they continue to wrestle around, Bella trying for a schoolgirl pin, but Sunshine flips out.

As they hit the mats, Sunshine goes again for another reverse headlock, this time locking on a grapevine, and applying the hold insanely tight around Bella’s neck. Bella with no way out, completely immobilized, the pressure was too much and taps. Sunshine releases the hold and scoots up into a tight schoolgirl pin. Bella rolls to one side throwing Sunshine off balance, but it worked to Sunshine’s advantage as she gets behind Bella. She traps Bella in a rear naked choke, tossing her around to get her into position and sink the headlock on, wrapping her legs around Bella’s body. she stretches Bella out, the RNC is deep and it was mere seconds before Bella tapped. Sunshine lets Bella go, as they get to their knees again, Sunshine rushes Bella slamming her to the mats. Sunshine tries her best to keep Bella under her control, wrapping her up in a single leg cradle, Bella unfortunately has to tap yet again. This time Bella was angry and did not restart she just jumps on top of Sunshine. They continue their struggle on the mats, bodies all entangled.

Sunshine has Bella on top of her, as she resorts back to her reverse headlock. Bella breaks out of it, and as they roll around Bella uses a bodyscissor in hopes of getting Sunshine to tap. Sunshine is using up all of her reserves and energy just fending off Bella. Bella began to get the upper hand, as she climbs on top of Sunshine. Bella tries to use a facesit to make Sunshine tap, but she manages to get a bit of air. Bella fights to keep Sunshine pinned, and decides to use a headscissor. She rolls to her side pulling Sunshine’s head deep in her thighs. Sunshine fights, but is stuck, and taps. This time Bella does not release the hold, as Sunshine struggles. Bella traps her arm under her, and controls Sunshine’s legs, as she clamps on the scissor even tighter.

Bella gets another tap, and rolls on top of Sunshine. As Sunshine fights as hard as she can, she just doesn’t have the energy to fend off Bella. Bella drapes her inner thigh across Sunshine’s throat in a partial scissor squeeze that has Sunshine fighting to stay awake. She taps again, Bella asking if she quits, slapping Sunshine’s face as she responds “yes, I give up”. Bella helps Sunshine up off the mats to congratulate her on a job well done.

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