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CPL-GOT-65 Grappling Central  This clip pits Arianne and Bella together. Now there is a long rivalry between them, and a true hate for Bella from Arianne. They are dressed in the full Gi martial arts uniforms ready to showcase their grappling skills. As the take down starts Arianne gets the upper hand getting Bella down.  She applies a rolling head scissor changing from straight leg to a figure four. Bella squirms and manages to break free tapping Arianne out with a body scissor. The action goes back and fourth as they scramble all over the mats looking for control. They both trade head scissors, a few face sits, seated chokes and a really good triangle choke applied by Bella.

They both begin to tire out from exerting pressure in all their holds. Finally Arianne is able to take and maintain control of Bella in a reverse smothering figure four scissor. She also locks Bella’s arm in behind her in almost a kimura style hold and gets the last final tap from Bella who had to surrender to her. Arianne rolled Bella onto her back, mounting her in a tight schoolgirl pin, then grabbing her hair pulls her face into her crotch while flexing with her other arm in victory.



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