CMX-BCD-57 Beating The Liar

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CMX-BCD-57 Beating The Liar– Bella came home from the club, expecting that her boyfriend chadam was staying home the entire night. Well, little did he know, they were actually at the same club and she had spotted him. She said nothing to him there, and waited till she got home and confronted him. Chadam denied it all, so Bella thought it was time to teach him a lesson. She threw him onto the couch and jumped into a face sit.

Bella works him over with forward and reverse face sits and head scissors to wither smother of squeeze a confession out of him. Finally after a few good forward face sits he confesses he has cheated on her 2 times. Bella is upset and continues to smother him senseless. He pleads for forgiveness but she wasn’t having it. He then calls her a bitch and says to get off of him since she won’t take his apology. Bella flips into reverse and they both begin to trash talk one another, Bella even belittling chadam and verbally insulting him.

Chadam just would not stop with the insults so Bella locks him into a reverse figure four wrapping her legs tight around his neck, burying his face in her ass and pussy as she squeezes. Then she says “you better enjoy this pussy cause it’s the last time your gonna get it”. He threatens to send the girls from the club after her, and that was the final straw for Bella. She locks the smother squeeze on extra tight, and holds it until he goes out. Bella gets up and calls her friend saying the relationship is over and to come help get her stuff out of the house.

2 thoughts on “CMX-BCD-57 Beating The Liar”

  1. You can always count on Bella to deliver an amazing mixed session and completely overpower and embarrass her victim. The first lady I ever saw use the reverse figure 4 smother to perfection was Kristie Etzold back in the late 90s. It would appear as though being helplessly smothered by Kristie in their first encounter a few year back wasn’t completely in vain for Bella as she’s now utilizing this same move to perfection. Simultaneously what an amazing and absolutely terrifying place to be as Bell wraps those legs around your head and smothers you into oblivion. Bella is easily one of the top three session girls on this site, what an amazing lady to watch.

    1. I agree trust me her reverse scissors are the absolute worst to be in. When Kristie came here she actually showed Bella how to do her signature reverse fig 4, which she has picked up and used numerous times lol. I still have loads to release with Bella mixed and fem fem.

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