CPL-KKF-002 The Extreme Catfight

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CPL-KKF-002 The Extreme Catfight

Here is your chance to watch Bella completely unleash in an all out catfight. The last catfight she was in was with Arianne, and Bella got her ass whooped. Off camera Bella had asked Mia not to rip her bra off, and Mia agreed to that one term Bella set out. As they start, both girls end up in a double headlock crashing to the mats, Mia trapping Bella in her guard. They begin to rip at one another’s clothing, and start some vicious hairpulling. Within the first two minutes, Mia had already stripped Bella from her shirt, and yes even ripped her bra straight off. This clearly made Bella upset as she sets out to destroy Mia now. Bella pins Mia down, and within mere seconds says “you want to rip my bra off, it’s payback now bitch” and tears Mia’s bra off. Bella begins to rip Mia’s pants and underwear off, then grabs her tits and squeezes, making Mia yelp in pain. The slaps echo through the room as they hit each other and continue to pull hair aggressively. Bella whips into reverse, removing what is left of Mia’s leggings, and giving her an excruciating front wedgie with her underwear. Bella lays into Mia with some skin reddening hard slaps, as Mia tries to fight to get away, landing a few slaps herself. Bella taunts Mia saying “cmon this is a catfight, I’m getting bored”, while she front wedgies Mia and continues to slap her. Mia catches Bella is a body scissor and desperately tries to push her off while squeezing Bella. As Bella controls Mia in reverse, she knows that Mia HATES feet, and tries to shove them in her face, in between all the slaps. Mia’s legs were already red and bruised, and was stuck under Bella in a reverse facesit. Bella reaches down and squeezes Mia’s tits again causing great pain to Mia. Bella gets cocky and tells Mia “maybe you should fight”. Mia gets a burst of energy as pain and anger set in, and manages to sit up trying to get Bella off her. They get into an intense hair pulling battle, as Mia tries clawing at Bella’s face and slapping her. They fight for the upper hand, and Bella slowly gets Mia back under control in a schoolgirl pin, but not before Mia lands a wicked slap across Bella’s face. That triggered Bella as she pins Mia down, and lands some brutal open and closed hand hits to Mia’s face. With each hit, you can hear Mia moan in pain. Mia tries to roll out, and that left her vulnerable to a barrage of hits to her body and legs that Bella delivers with ease. Mia was almost free from Bella’s grasp, but she jumps right back on Mia pinning her down, Bella pins Mia’s arms above her head, and begins facesitting Mia. Mia was quite winded, and taps when she needed air, but Bella barely moved off her face. Bella manages to secure a seated triangle on Mia, telling her to fight harder, as they exchange more hits. Mia is really trapped in Bella’s seated triangle and Bella still fires off more extreme hard hits to Mia’s body, legs, ass, and tits. Mia fights with all her strength but is completely stuck, and helpless now. Bella reaches down and squeezes Mia’s tit so hard she actually squeezes Mia’s tit juice out. It shot out all over the mats, and in Bella’s hands, she then wipes it all in Mia’s face. Total humiliation at it’s finest, as we have never witnessed something like this at all. Mia then catches Bella off guard as she was running her mouth not paying attention and Mia gets her legs around Bella once again. Mia tries to get into reverse, but Bella grabbed Mia’s thing and gave her a wedgie that pushed Mia off her, back onto the mats face first. Bella is back in control again, pinning Mia down, arms high above her head. Then Bella grabs some of the clothing that was ripped off earlier in the match and ties Mia’s hands up. Bella drives her crotch down hard into Mia’s throat as she lay beneath her begging saying no. Bella finds her bra on the mats, picks it up, and covers it with her own spit, then rams it into Mia’s mouth. As she did that Mia bit her fingers and says “keep your fingers out of my fucking mouth bitch”. Bella laughs and says “ok, how about my toes then”. Bella tries to put her feet in Mia’s face, but Mia fights back trying not to allow Bella to put her feet anywhere near her face. Bella decides to move in for a facesit and says “don’t bite my pussy, cause your going to get it”. Mia taps as Bella ignores then and slaps Mia more as she facesits her. Bella looks down at Mia then says ” so, you either get pussy or toes, which one”. Mia then says back “none”. Bella says “ok toes it is”, Mia yells “no, no pussy pussy” as her choice, but Bella said no it’s too late. She lifts her foot up to try and shove her feet in her mouth as she says ” you better suck my fuckin toes”. Bella is getting really upset now as her tone changed telling Mia to suck her fucking toes. Mia was defiant and not co operating Bella still trying to get her to suck them. Bella finally gets her toes in her mouth then Mia bit her foot. Bella then gives Mia one hell of a head shot yelling at her for biting her foot. Mia then says “i will do what I want”. Bella uses a piece of Mia’s torn shirt to choke her with as she pinned her down. Mia could not breathe, as Bella dominated her and used the bra once again and shoved it in Mia’s mouth gaging her. She switches between the bra, and facesits and ignores Mia’s taps. Mia was gasping, exhausted, beaten and bruised as she finally says “ok, you win, I give up”. Bella sits dominantly proud flexing over her battered opponent. This is the ONLY video in existence where you will see Bella topless.    

One thought on “CPL-KKF-002 The Extreme Catfight”

  1. Great video. Mia is a real jobber. Here she is battered from loveley Bella and she deserves it. Bella proves she is superior to Mia.
    Mia is an ugly and pathetic jobber, and she lose with all the Cplwrestling girls.
    Bella is pretty and winning, Mia was born to be submissive.

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