BWW-017 The Mean Bitch

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Bella and Raven have another encounter on the mats, but this one is going to take Bella by surprise. Raven is in quite a bad mood, and Bella is about to pay the price for it. Raven did not even want to change into anything else, so she wrestled in exactly what she showed up in. As Bella was stretching on the mats, Raven approached her in a pretty vicious way, as if she was actually looking for a real fight. Raven then says “what are you looking at you fuckin little bitch” raven slams her forehead against Bella’s in a staredown pushing her with her head. Raven clearly means business, as Bella dishes out a real cocky smirk almost laughing at Raven. They exchange a bit a trash talk, then all of a sudden Raven punches Bella right in the stomach. She bends over from the pain, and Raven delivers quite a knee to her stomach chest area. Bella folds over in pain, and Raven delivers the next ultimate blow. As Bella is holding her stomach, Raven lines up and soccer kicks Bella right between the legs. Bella drops to her knees in agonizing pain, Raven stands above her telling her to get up. Not getting up quick enough, Raven locks her thighs around Bella’s head in a standing scissor, then flips Bella back while Raven practically does a hand stand, Bella yelping in pain. Raven drops Bella to the mats, keeping the scissor locked on Raven continues her squeezing scissor rampage. Raven uses multiple knotted figure fours, making Bella wince in pain, before switching to a slamming reverse facesit. Raven the belittles and verbally abuses Bella, saying” oh your so tough, you little bitch, cmon show me what you got bitch”. Bella starts getting upset, Raven turns in forward, ramming her denim covered crotch down hard onto Bella’s face, smothering her. Raven still verbally trashes Bella, trying to make her more upset, knowing she can’t escape. Over and over Raven deprives Bella of her air, slowly winding her making her tired. Raven then kicks her legs out in front of her pulling up Bella’s head into another scissor, then rolling to the side, keeping Bella locked tight between her thighs. Bella can do nothing now except moan and cry out in pain, as Raven has her way with her. Rumor has it, Bella was talking smack about Raven and how weak she was, trapped in her legs, Raven rolls back on top, and buries Bella’s face once again. She continues her verbal onslaught ignoring Bella’s taps until he learns to listen to how things work, Raven style. After some long facesits, Raven puts her shin across Bella’s throat looks at Bella and says “yeah bitch what are going to do huh? ” As she ch0kes Bella crushing her windpipe. Raven goes back into reverse and hammers on more reverse facesitting, cramming Bella’s face into her ass, only lifting for brief moments when she taps. Raven alternates and uses a reverse scissor now, calling Bella a pussy, a wimp and so on, not only damaging her physically, but draining her mental fight as well. With many more scissors and forward and reverse facesitting, Bella was wiped the fuck out, her face red from all the facesitting. Raven pins Bella’s arms high above her head and locks then securely with her thighs, and slides up onto her face, watching it disappear into her crotch and ass. Raven means business, and is going to show Bella just how ruthless she can be. As Bella tapped looking for air, Raven sits up and says “take a breath bitch”, and slams back down. Bella’s mere struggling was pointless and when she tapped, Raven ignored it all together. Bella was kicking, bucking, trying to yell, and in a complete state of panic beneath Raven. With Raven refusing to let her have air, Bella quickly became limp, her kicking and screaming stopped. Raven slowly lifts off and says “you stupid ass little bitch”, ” I like fighting little pussies like her anyways” she blurts out as she walks away.

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