CMX-MM-2 Dual Military Smother Brats

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Chadam is up against a power team of beauties, Maxxi and Bella. Both are wearing sexy military style thongs, hats and tops, not to mention high heeled boots. He is in for a real “ass” whooping as he prepares to take them both on at once. He actually has the nerve to flip them both off before they start, and as the countdown began, the camera girl says 1, 2, KICK HIS ASS and they charge at him. Taking him to the mats, Maxxi grabs him by the throat and reverse facesits him, while Bella sits on his chest facing Maxxi. Bella leans around to look at his face buried deep in Maxxi’s ass, and she says I want to see his face. Maxxi lifts up a bit then goes back down smothering him. Bella begins to twist his nipples as Maxxi cuts off his air. Then they make him rub their legs one hand rubbing Bella, the other Maxxi, all the while still suffocating him.

Then Maxxi takes both of his hands and makes him squeeze and play with her ass, still facesitting him. She then twerks and shakes her ass all over his face, muffling his cries for air. They trade spots now, and Maxxi takes the heel of her boot and steps on his chest driving the heel right onto his ribs, while Bella reverse facesits him. As Maxxi steps harder you can hear his muffled yelps of pain in Bella’s ass. Maxxi leans down now and grabs him by the hair and pushes his face deeper into Bella’s ass. then they say “taps for air buddy” as they hold his head firmly in Bella’s ass now, both girls teasing and taunting him. Bella leans forward, locking on a tight figure four headscissor, while Maxxi uses her double D’s to breastsmother him. Chadam is in a world of smothering troubles now. Bella still lingers over him, while Maxxi reaches in and with her gloves on she puts her hand over his mouth and watches him turn beat red. After quite a few taps from this, Maxxi takes her place on his face again in reverse, ramming his nose deep into her ass. They both get off of him, as he is slightly disoriented now, and Bella lays on her stomach legs opened, slides back, puts chadam onto his stomach as well, and Maxxi sits on his back and shoves his face into Bella’s ass.

Maxxi was more than mean as she kept ramming his face into Bella’s ass harder and harder as she now controlled his breathing for him. Bella shakes her ass as Maxxi grabs it and helps shake it all over his face. Maxxi then puts the heel of her boot on the back of his head and holds it in place now. Maxxi takes her boot off, then plays with Bella’s ass violently shaking his face between Bella’s butt cheeks. Maxxi goes back to forcing his head into Bella;s ass now with both feet, kicking his head deeper into her ass. These girls have no remorse nor care as they destroy chadam face. Now they switch places, as Maxxi slides up in front, open her legs and slides back getting chadam’s face in her ass, with Bella sitting on his back now. Maxxi shakes her ass now as Bella holds his head in place, Maxxi even reaches back pulling his face in even tighter. Chadam is literally gasping for each each time they let him breathe. He had the nerve to call them bitches, and Bella said “you should fart on him”, as Maxxi works up a bit of gas, she lets one go literally in his mouth as they rub his face all in her ass now.

Chadam is freaking out, not expecting her to actually fart, she lets another one go saying ” that sounded like one dirty ass fart” as Bella forces his face into her ass saying” smell it, I know you like it”. Maxxi then lets out a pretty loud wet ripper as chadam literally gags from it. Maxxi slides back even more really sealing his air, while Bella continues to hold his face in her ass, Maxxi lets yet another one go, with his face buried Maxxi says ” yeah you fuckin eat that”. They both continue to relentlessly smother chadam, so much to the point where he actually goes out. Bella sat on his his, until he stopped moving. She got up, they high fived each other, Maxxi stood up and spit on him, then kicks him, Bella then rolls him onto his stomach. Once he came to Maxxi was standing above him, she spit on him again and Bella climbs ontop of him sitting on his stomach, both victorious. Chadam was absolutely finished, and humiliated by these 2 hottie

cplpicsets CMX-MM-2 Dual Military Smother Brats

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  1. …. omg, I can’t think of a better place to be or two better girls to perform it. Maxxi and Bella are amazing together and give a completely new meaning to the word “domination”

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