CPL-WM-011 Bella Gets Mauled and Smothered

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Amber is taking on smaller opponent Bella in this great match up. Amber really outweighs Bella, and stands alot taller too. This match they start standing up and as they face one another amber does the unthinkable. They lock arms and struggle for position, but Amber just lifts Bella up in her arms, then slams her down using a back breaker, holding Bella for a few seconds over her knee, then tossing her to the mats. Bella was completely stunned, and amber wastes no time getting on top. Amber then pins Bella down, slamming all her weight down, winding Bella. Now feeling her weight, Bella can’t budge a muscle. She struggles hard beneath her BBW foe, but is stuck. Amber is now enjoying her time on top, taunting her smaller rival. Amber also snags Bella in some headscissors, totally trapping her head in her massive thighs. Bella taps quite a few times as the pressure was just too much to handle. Rolling Bella over and getting back on top, Bella was in trouble. Amber verbally bashes Bella, teasing her, taunting and humiliating her. Now with ample facesitting, Bella’s face was near a dark shade of purple. Having all that weight on her the entire match took it’s toll. As Bella submits and gives up, that was just not good enough for Amber and wanted to further punish Bella. She chokes her with her crotch and facesits her even more. Bella was begging to be released, as the camera zooms into Bella’s face, you can practically see the tears forming in her eyes that she wanted no more, her voice cracking and whimpering. Amber sits proudly now on her tiny defeated opponent, gloating to the camera. This is a great big vs small match.

cplpicsets CPL-WM-011 Bella Gets Mauled and Smothered


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