CPL-AD-55 Ashley’s Petite Playtoy

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CPL-AD-55 Ashley’s Petite Playtoy  Bella thinks she has what it takes to challenge Ashley Wildcat to another wrestling match. This time she thinks she is ready to take her down and defeat her. Well this whole plan literally backfired in Bella’s face as Ashley towers over Bella and her skills are unprecedented compared to Bella. As the begin, Ashley has a bit of a difficult time trying to get Bella down, but Bella slightly loses her balance, and falls to her butt. She still tries to fight Ashley off, but with her long legs easily steps over Bella and gets her into a pin. she quickly turns backwards, and works Bella’s head into a straight leg headscissor. It was not long before Bella was tapping, as Ashley loosens and re applies the scissor. Bella is already feeling the pain of Ashley’s anaconda scissors as they are locked tight around her neck as she wails in pain. After many more taps, Ashley sits up and traps Bella’s face in her ass now smothering her.  Bella squirms and fights for air but to no avail she could not escape and had to tap for air. Bella does manage to find small little air pockets as she turns her head sideways, Ashley re positions herself to continue smothering Bella. Ashley’s reverse facesitting was short lived as she decided to give Bella another dose of her powerful reverse straight leg scissor. Bella fights the pain but has to tap as it became too much for her. Figuring Bella was a bit weaker Ashley tries again for the reverse facesit. Bella manages to actually weasel her way out of that hold and escapes. Bella and Ashley now fight for position and it looks as though Bella may have a fighting chance now. Bella tried for a headlock takedown but that backfired on her as Ashley used that momentum against Bella and send her to the mats, with Ashley now on top. Ashley crawls her way up on Bella and facesits her, this time adding all her weight so Bella could not break free. Bella does what she can to get out, but ends up tapping a few times from the powerful facesit. Ashley keeps her head locked tightly between her thighs and rolls to the side applying another superbly tight headscissor. Bella’s face filled with pain as Ashley squeezed. Ashley teases and taunts her smaller opponent all the while scissoring her making her tap repeatedly. You can see that Bella is losing a bit of fight as the scissors and smothering was starting to take a slight toll on her. Ashley rolls right back up and instantly into another facesit. Bella’s eyes were visible, and she looked up straight up at Ashley with anger in them, wanting to get Ashley, but knowing she couldn’t. Quickly turning into reverse, Ashley has Bella in another straight leg scissor, Bella’s face now jammed in Ashley’s butt while she squeezes. There was no way out of that scissor, even though Bella tried to pry Ashley’s legs apart. Ashley continues to crush Bella’s neck with her scissors, and pummels her more with forward and reverse facesits. In one of Ashley’s reverse facesit, Bella uses all her strength, fueled by anger and pushes Ashley off her face. Bella fights hard to try and get the upper hand, but Ashley managed to toss her onto her back again on the mats. Bella lets out a discouraged ” ahhh no”, as Ashley prepares for another forward facesit. Burying Bella’s face in her crotch, Bella seemed to be out of options as Ashley sits perched on Bella’s face. Wiggling, struggling and fighting to break free, Ashley sees this as an opportunity to squeeze Bella. Scooping her head up from the schoolgirl pin, Ashley falls to her side, clamping those rock hard thighs around Bella’s neck. Making Bella tap ample times, Ashley was now in complete control of Bella. Knowing that Ashley’s top scissor is the reverse straight leg, she flips around and locked that one on perfectly. Bella knew she was in trouble, yet could do nothing about it. Ashley just rolls to her side, Bella’s face protruding from her thighs, face turning red, as she was tapping. Ashley figured it was best to teach Bella a stone cold lesson, and keeps the scissor on tight. Bella continues to tap, then all of a sudden her arm drops, and goes limp.  Ashley releases the scissor as Bella slumps to the mats on her back, Ashley puts her knee on Bella’s stomach and poses saying ” I win!!!” and flexes.

cplpicsets CPL-AD-55 Ashley's Petite Playtoy


4 thoughts on “CPL-AD-55 Ashley’s Petite Playtoy”

  1. Ashley Wildcat has such an amazing body & she definitely looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy Bra & panties & i absolutely love her front & reverse facesit & her side & reverse headscissors on Bella

  2. Bella definitely deserved to be Ashley Wildcats New Petite Playtoy by having Bella’s head into a Straight Leg Headscissor & having Bella’s Face in between Ashley Wildcats Ass Cheeks in a Reverse Facesit & Having Bella’s Face Buried in Ashley Wildcats Crotch in a Front Facesit!

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