BWW-011 – The Conquered Amazon

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Bella and Megan are very different in size and weight. Megan is a beautiful amazonian goddess who towers over Bella, and outweighs her as well. Bella is determined to give Megan a good run for her money using all her mat skills and techniques in hopes of prevailing over her.  It was certainly a good start for Megan  as they face off and lock up. Megan reaches down and picks Bella up in a bearhug, squeezing three simultaneous taps out of her, then drops her on the mats. Bella slowly gets up to her knees and is met with Megan on her knees as Bella rushes at Megan tackling her to the mats. Bella struggles to pin Megan’s arms down, then uses her knees to help and climbs straight onto her chest. Wasting no time, Bella moves up mounting her amazonian rival’s face she smothers her. Megan caught off guard struggles to break free but taps. Bella is constant with the facesits and scores two more releasing the giant and squaring up again. Megan actually struggles to get to her knees as she is coughing and trying to catch her breath. They lock up again, struggling for position as Megan throws Bella to the mats, and gets on a reverse pin, turned into a straight leg reverse headscissor. Megan pours on the pressure and squeezes, making Bella yelp in pain as she also verbally taunts and humiliates her. Bella could no longer take the pressure of Megan’s massive thighs squeezing the life from her and taps out. Now after the third tap they were supposed to restart, but Megan was not letting Bella go, and sat up on her in reverse. Megan said ” I want to see you squirm” as she plants her shapely ass down hard onto Bella’s face now. Seeing Bella struggle she was unable to unseat Megan and taps out. This time Megan finally gets up and Bella was clearly upset for Megan cheating. Now Bella punishes Megan with headscissors as she sneaks her legs around Megan’s neck. Tapping rather quickly Megan has no choice but to tap out. Bella then uses a rear naked choke, gaining more submissions, breaking her larger opponent down. Now Bella is taunting Megan, telling her to get up. Megan gains the upper hand again getting Bella into a headlock, parading her around on the mats like a , then clamps on a wicked standing headscissor. After a few taps, she keeps the scissor on and falls to the side, getting more taps from Bella again. Bella decided it was her turn to punish Megan again, and gets on a reverse headscissor making Megan wince and cry out in pain. Bella then turns the scissor into a reverse facesit. After Megan taps, you can clearly see she is losing alot of strength as Bella is destroying her hold by hold. Bella gets on a seated scissor facesit combo, knowing that facesitting and chokes are really getting to Megan. But Megan gained a burst of energy getting Bella down, saying “now you won’t suffocate me anymore” and slams down onto her face smothering her.  Megan reaches down and plugs Bella’s nose and puts her crotch on her mouth now. Crossing her legs under Bella’s head she puts on a tight seated scissor, then rolls into a side figure four, making Bella tap repeatedly. After releasing Bella she was looking for revenge now, and gets a decent bodyscissor on Megan and you can hear Megan scream out in pain as she squeezes. She may have actually done some damage, as Megan was holding her stomach and sides, but Bella did not stop there. She jumps on top again facesitting Megan in full weight. Bella now taunts Megan more to get up, then locks on another straight leg scissor, using that to practically finish Megan off. Megan lays there helpless, and beaten now, but Bella wanted to continue her reign of terror and puts Megan into a side headlock. Megan kicked her leg up trying to escape but Bella caught it, and scissored it above Megan’s head, turning Megan into a pretzel. She had no where to go, and no way of escaping and finally concedes to her smaller foe upset at her loss to such a smaller girl.


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