KOA-091 Scissor Prisoners K.O.

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Bella and Paige team up against chadam and Chris in their first ever dual scissor video. Both girls are hell bent on torturing and punishing these wimps with their legs and thighs. First up was Bella scissoring Chris, Paige scissoring Chadam. they synchronize their scissors perfectly together, so each victim feels and suffers the same pain. They rotate it up, placing them in forward seated scissors, to reverse, then figure four and so on. Rapid tapping was heard throughout this video from both losers, moans, grunts and gasps fill the air. Bella and Paige then switch it up now, trading places, ready to inflict more pain. Judging by the look on their poor little faces, neither chadam nor chris were enjoying this at all, chris’s veins were popping out of his forehead, along with tears filling up his now shot eyes. Paige and Bella both had enough of squeezing the life from them and grabbed them both, made them get on their hands and knees, placed them in a standing headscissor, and poured on the pressure. Chadam and Chris both fought through the pain and agony, but only for a short time, until they both went out and dropped face first onto the mats. Bella and Paige stand proud above their now sleeping prey.


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