CPL-NS-98 The Dominant Blonde

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CPL-NS-98 The Dominant Blonde  Rosalei was still fairly new in this clip as she goes into it against Bella. Now Rosalei is quite strong for her size, and has a mean and powerful head scissor. she has no problem dominating Bella using her newly acquired skills, plus ones that she had previously already knew. Bella struggled from the take down while Rosalei keeps her pinned in very tight schoolgirl pins, driving her pelvic bone down into Bella’s throat. Bella taps quite a few times as this blocked her windpipe, all the while it was weakening her. Quickly turning into reverse, Rosalei uses her ass now to smother Bella. You can see Bella squirm beneath Rosalei, but can not escape. From there on out Rosalei uses smother both forward and reverse, and a mixture of extremely tight head scissors to completely demolish and obliterate Bella. Her final move was a knotted figure four that gripped Bella’s throat nice and tight, with no escape. Bella’s face turned dark red purple-ish as she has no choice but to submit to the ever so powerful and sexy Rosalei.



2 thoughts on “CPL-NS-98 The Dominant Blonde”

  1. Rosalei is a very pretty girl. It is hard to believe that such an innocent looking girl could inflict so much pain and punishment. Bella looks rough and rugged, but Rosalei easily toys with her, squeezing her just right in her head scissors, and sitting on her face stopping her from breathing. Rosalei’s neck chokes look intense and painful. Glad I got a membership because Rosalei is one of my top 5 favorites so far. When I watch her other videos I will comment on those too.

  2. Rosalei and Bella are both incredibly gorgeous and two of my favorite wrestlers. Both are strong and skilled so you never know what will happen when these two face off but it was fun watching Rosalei take total control of this entire match and dominate Bella from start to finish. If you like one-sided matches, this is a must have!

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