FPP-022 The Cheating Pinner

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Arianne and Bella are sitting on the mats discussing what type of match they could do. They agree to do a pin match with counting, but with a twist on things. They agree to hair pulling, and slapping as well as the pins. Both begin, and the match becomes rather competitive. As they roll around vying for position, both girls score crossbody pins, full body presses, and half nelson pins. Each girl counts the other one out to the count of 5. Now they start slapping one another using that and hairpulling as a cheat tactic to try and score more points and pins. Some of the slaps are pretty hard, each girl letting out a yelp when they get struck. Seems like Arianne is in the lead, and that upsets Bella.

The smack talk between them was quite good, humiliating each other as they are trapped in holds. Bella gets Arianne in a crossbody pin, and as she counts, Arianne grabs her underwear and yanks it up giving Bella a massive wedgie. That didn’t faze Bella one bit, as she finished counting out Arianne with ease. Arianne scores the last point at the end, she stays sitting on Bella for a bit longer catching her breath. As she gets off and sits down, Bella reaches out to shake hands, and Arianne tries to jump on Bella one more time, but it back fired on her. Bella gets Arianne down, pinning her one last time, counting slowly taunting Arianne. Count was done, Bella pins Arianne in a SGP and says, told you I would win.


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