CPL-WB-514 Scissor & Smothering Grudge Match

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1x1-pixel CPL-WB-514 Scissor & Smothering Grudge Match
Winter comes to us from fightingirls out of Montreal, and Bella is our local wrestler. Both girls are out to win and determination is set very high. Winter is lightning fast, and has amazingly powerful legs. Bella is tough, and uses mostly brute strength to get by in alot of matches, we will see how that pans out for her today. Winter is quick on the take down, and swiftly pins Bella. In under a minute flat, Winter has already made Bella tap out twice with facesitting alone. Before she could blink, Bella was rolled onto her stomach by Winter and trapped in a front brutally tight headscissor. Unable to hold on, Bella tapped fast, now feeling the sheer strength in Winter’s legs. Winter uses that to her advantage to break down the tougher Bella, and it really seemed to work in her favor. Winter held the scissors for a long time, extracting multiple scissors out of Bella. Bella was almost free from the scissor and tried mounting Winter, but she was blocked by a bodyscissor and a headlock throat choke combo by Winter. Bella knew that she was in big trouble here, and before she knew it, Bella was flat on her back again, Winter pouring on the facesits. Again Bella was thrown into another front scissor, and found herself at the mercy of Winter, being squeezed into submission over and over in brutal scissors. Bella fought hard to get out, and we think Winter actually let her go, just for a challenge. Bella take the chance to jump on top, regain her composure and very sore neck to facesit Winter now. Getting lots of taps, Bella thought she was going to over take Winter once and for all. Switching into a reverse facesit, Winter continues to tap from lack of air. Bella decides to try a reverse head scissor, and that was her fatal mistake that Winter preyed on. After both girls vying to gain the upper hand with headscissors, Winter prevails, trapping Bella. Now things are heated drawing close to the end, with Winter squeezing with all her power, making Bella repeatedly tap. Rolling Bella onto her back, Winter now has Bella pinned in a reverse schoolgirl pin, and she facesits Bella ramming her ass into her face over and over, until Bella admits a true defeat, Winter spinning around pinning Bella and posing victoriously over a very disappointed loser. Technique overcame brute force in this one.
1x1-pixel CPL-WB-514 Scissor & Smothering Grudge Match


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