ACTIVE: NO (Guest Wrestler) Height: 5’4 Weight: 115 lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, prostyle, competitive, semi competitive, pincount Favorite holds: headscissors, schoolgirl pin, bodyscissors  

CPL-WM-28 Humiliated By The Blond Domme

This clip is a special feature match. Winter comes to us from fighting girls to challenge Rosalei in an all out competitive fight to the finish style match. Both girls are same height and weight, and size one another up before they start. Their take […]

CPL-WB-514 Scissor & Smothering Grudge Match

Winter comes to us from fightingirls out of Montreal, and Bella is our local wrestler. Both girls are out to win and determination is set very high. Winter is lightning fast, and has amazingly powerful legs. Bella is tough, and uses mostly brute strength to […]