CMX-CAV-76 Wildcat K.O In Jeans

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
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CMX-CAV-76 Wildcat K.O In Jeans  Ashley is looking sexy as ever in her skin tight jeans as she prepares to test them out on chadam’s face. Ashley towers over chadam and she literally just toys with him on the mats as she pins him down. Ashley really drives her facesits down hard onto his face making him suffer. Miss Wildcat is also known for her anaconda like head scissors and she certainly uses an array of these on chadam giggling and laughing as he struggles between her thighs.  When she wraps her long legs around his neck with various scissors, his face turns intensely red. She likes to watch his face go near purple as she applies pressure. She leaps on his face in reverse smashing her ass down onto it grinding the jeans down hard inflicting pain. She likes to belittle and trash talk him throughout the video a well. And her finishing facesit was a reverse KO where she completely ignored his taps. Once he was out, she lifts his arms up and they fall right back onto the mat. Knowing he was now done, she raises her arm flexing in victory.



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