CMX-AAG-7 All American Girl Smother KO

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Ashley Wildcat meets up with chadam in the hotel to have a facesitting showdown. She was dressed in tight cut off jeans shorts and her american bikini top, looking like the all american bad ass chick!! This match was pretty intense, well for chadam anyways as Ashley really unleashes her wild sadistic side. After pinning him down, Ashley begins and onslaught of forward facesitting, each tap she barely lifts up to give him any air. After a few times doing that to him, you can hear the slight panic in his voice as he has to fight harder to get his breath now. Ashley was not going easy on him, and verbally humiliates him all the while smothering him. Not only is the verbal trashing psychologically breaking him down, and adding to the fact he can’t breathe is just as bad. the more he struggled the harder Ashley sat, cutting off all air supply, feeling his taps slowly get weaker and weaker. Ashley spins in reverse and gives him a strong dose of her sexy ass being planted directly on his face. Being buried deep in her ass there was no chance at all he was going to escape. With each tap she slowly lifts up a tiny bit, sometimes he was not even able to catch a single breath at all. There were times he would panic and squirm frantically beneath her, all the while Ashley laughing at him. Ashley even shows him jut how powerful her full weight facesit can be, leaving chadam in pain after that. With his face turning red, breathing really hard, and utterly exhausted there was not much fight left in him. Ashley says “well I am getting hungry” are you getting sleepy” she says looking down at him. Her one last grueling facesit had him tapping uncontrollably then his arms lay to rest as he goes out. Ashley is all smiles as she kisses her biceps posing and flexing for the camera still sitting on his face, his limp body trapped beneath her.  Maybe next time he won’t accept the challenge from the all star american girl!!!

cplpicsets CMX-AAG-7 All American Girl Smother KO


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