KOA-0111 Sadistic Little Slaveboy

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Chadam was set to battle it out with Ashley wildcat on the mats, so he was stretching and getting ready. Then, literally out of no where Ashley came bursting in and jumped on him. Dressed in her sexy cheetah print spandex, and matching top she was about to make him her little slave. She goes directly for a facesit, and when he taps she just sits, taunts and ignores him. In fact, most of his taps go unnoticed by Ashley, as she was having just too much fun training chadam to behave beneath her. She slaps his face a few times, grabs fistfuls of hair and bangs his head on the mats. Ashley drapes her shin across his throat, then even gets him into a facesit, applying maximum pressure as his face turns instantly beat red.

Ashley flips to reverse now giving him a dose of her perfectly shaped ass ramming it down hard onto his face, again ignoring his taps. Ashley wanted him to breathe on her terms, not his. Her brutal behavior, taunting demeanor and constant belittling is worth it’s weight in gold. Ashley even grinds her tailbone down hard onto his chin, literally crushing his face into her ass. Ashley flips to forward again, sitting on his chest and face in full weight now. She wanted to drain every last ounce of air from him. Tired of playing with him, this cat goes in for the ultimate , she climbs onto his face, blocking all his air, and as chadam struggles, and tries to tap out, Ashley ignores it. Chadam eventually stopped moving beneath her, as Ashley slowly lifted off his face, jumps back onto his chest, then right back onto his face again. Chadam was already OUT but Ashley was certainly going to make sure he was to stay out for quite some time. You can see his arms and hands twitch a bit. Ashley lifted up his arms, as they fall straight back onto the mats, she sits on his stomach, flexes and says I WON posing very sexy for the camera. One hot performance, one cruel dominatrix.

cplpicsets KOA-0111 Sadistic Little Slaveboy

1x1-pixel KOA-0111 Sadistic Little Slaveboy


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